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JOLLITY FARM needs these drums for someone else

newer Gretsch Catalina 7x10 Club Mod Add-On tom, red sparkle, with black stripe
60s Rogers Dyna-Sonic 15" frame from marching drum, gut or wire, either
60s or 70s Ludwig 14x24 red sarkle, or decent 3 ply rewrap candidate
60s Ludwig 14x22 BDP bass drum, no extra holes, complete, or incomplete, need shell + hoops.
20s Leedy or Ludwig trap table
60s Slingerland BDP 14x14
60s Slingerland silver sparkle floor tom, want 14x14, will consider any size.
70s Ludwig butcher block snare, blue olive badge.
76s Rogers Mohave Red, 9x13, 16x16, and 14x22, need a 9x13 the most.
60s Gretsch WMP round badge tom was stolen, need another.
70s Gretsch rosewood or red wood 8x12, not round badge tom.
70s Hayman deep purple colored bass drum, any size.
50s/60s Leedy BDP floor tom, any size.
60s Leedy pink champagne floor tom, want 14x14, will consider any size.
60s Leedy silver sparkle tom toms, will conside any sizes.
60s Ludwig WMP 8 lug snare, Super Classic Buddy Rich model, or 50s WFL.
60s Ludwig WMP 8 lug snare, jazz festival would be great.
60s Ludwig WMP set, they want 22,13,16 but let me know what you have.
60s Ludwig WMP 8x12 or 14x14 or 16x16 classic floor tom,
70s Ludwig psychedelic red anything will be considered
70s Ludwig maple cortex 8x12 or 9x12 2 headed, prefer large lug 6ply.
..... above maple cortex will consider any other color 6ply large lug 12"
50s Slingerland 5.5x13 snare, silver sparkle, consider any, even 60s.
50s Slingerland double flanged nickel 16" 8 hole floor tom rim for Radio King
50s/70s Slingerland red sparkle floor tom, will consider any size.
..... the above fellow will consider any sparkle floor tom, what have you?
50s Slingerland Chicago WMP snare drum
60s/70s Slingerland WMP 14x22 bass drum
69s Slingerland white satin flame 14x14 floor tom, will consider other years.
69s Slingerland white satin flame 5x14 snare drum, will consider other years.
70s Slingerland wood stain 14x14 floor tom.
70s Slingerland natural maple 14x20 bass drum.
70s Slingerland chrome over wood 10x15 and 10x14 and floor tom.
61-63 Rogers Holiday 16x16 WMP floor tom, and a 5x14 Holiday snare.
60s Rogers Holiday 9x13 WMP white marine pearl beavertail
64/65 Rogers Cleveland Holiday 16x16 WMP with greenish fade
1967 or newer Rogers 5x14 Powertone or Tower 8-lug snare, speckled grey inside
60s Rogers Holiday B&B 6.5x14 snare drum, consider any
60s Rogers Powertone snare drum 6.5 deep, consider any
60s Rogers Holiday 14x22 or 14x24 blue sparkle, prefer Londoner beavertail
60s Rogers Holiday 9x13 blue sparkle, prefer close to 1965 beavertail
60s Rogers Holiday 16x16 blue sparkle beavertail
60s Rogers Holiday 14x14 red sparkle beavertail
60s/70s Rogers red onyx set with 22" bass drum
60s/70s Rogers wine red ripple floor tom, any size, or lug, or model.
60s/70s Rogers 8x12 black strata
60s/70s Rogers 14x14 blue strata
60s/70s Rogers 8x12 blue strata
76s/77s Rogers 14x24 gloss black Ebony
70s/80s Rogers 16x18 New England White, and an 18x20 floor, and a 12x15
70s/80s Rogers 8" + 10" KOA toms
70s/80s Rogers 8" + 10" gloss black Ebony 2 headed toms
70s/80s Rogers 10" gloss black Ebony 2 headed XP8 tom
60s Rogers 14x18 gloss black
or any other color 14x18 for someone else.
Yamaha tympani floor tom (or parts)

JOLLITY FARM needs these parts for a friend

(4) Leedy small tom lugs from the 50s
..... (the drum needing them is stamped 1958)
..... (the older lugs with the flat insert face, no foot, and no boss post.)

JOLLITY FARM'S Most Wanted List:

Rogers 60s Holiday blue onyx floor tom, any size, need B&B
..... (I have two B&B 14x20s, and a B&B 8x12 )
Rogers 60s Holiday red sparkle beavertail floor tom, need two, any size
..... (I have a couple 14x20s and an 8x12 in waiting.)
Rogers 60s Holiday any size floor tom pink champagne and an 8x12
..... (I have a 14x20 and a snare in my collection, need nice toms.)
Rogers 60s Holiday mardi gras beavertail snare.
..... (I have 14x20, 8x12 and 16x16 in my collection, need nice snare.)
Rogers 67 Holiday 14x20 and 8x12 blue sparkle (flat grey Dayton)
Rogers 68 Holiday 14x14 or 14x20 or 8x12 WMP (speckled Dayton)
Rogers 68 Holiday 16x16 WMP (speckled Dayton)
Rogers 70s 8x12 three band sparkle in red sp, silver sp + blue sparkle.
..... (I have the 14x22, 9x13, 16x16 Londoner missing an 8x12.)
Rogers 70s any size black strata bass drum in better shape than mine.
..... (I have the 8x12, 9x13, and 16x16 and a 14x22 with a shell crack.)
Rogers 70s/80s 14x14 New England White floor tom(s)
..... (I would like to find an early 70s 14x14 swivomatic leg floor tom)
..... (and I could use a late70s/early80s 14x14 XP8 maple inside floor tom.)
Rogers 70s/80s 14x22 tobacco sunburst bass drum, or ANY size
..... (I have tom toms in 8x12, 9x13, 10x14 and 16x16 on the Loners page.)
..... (and I myself want a tobacco sunburst snare drum, or natural XP8 maple.)
Slingerland 60s 14x14 silver sparkle floor tom, or ANY size, AMY model.
..... (I have the set in center lugs, with no floor tom, I need something.)
Slingerland 60s 5x14 white satin flame snare drum.
..... (I have the set in 20,12,14 with extra holes, need a snare.)
..... (I would consider a 14x20 or 14x18 with no extra holes, and an 8x12.)
Leedy 60s red satin flame snare drum, 8 lug, consider any
..... (I have the set )

Rogers 60s canister thrones, need blue onyx, wine red ripple, mardi gras
Rogers 60s canister thrones, need steel grey ripple and sky blue ripple, too
Rogers 60s canister thrones, need silver sparkle, could use more than one
Rogers 60s canister thrones, need blue strata, black strata, pink strata
Rogers 60s canister thrones, and I need one in green sparkle
Rogers 60s canister thrones, any, please.
Rogers 60s 14x18 bass drums, any.

Many of us have sold at least one set we wish we had not.
My second ever drum set is that exact story, to me.
In order to think I can relive my childhood, I also want:
60s Gretsch white satin flame 14x20, 8x12, 14x14, matching snare,
or any one of the above to get me started.. I will consider other
color satin flames so anything in those sizes or 14x18 of course.

I also would like:
60s Camco any satin flame 14x20, 8x12, 14x14, matching snare,
and I'm not the least bit fussy if they have round or center lugs.
In fact, I'd like any Camco, in any color in small sizes, any lug will do.

Or, I also would like:
60s Slingerland any satin flame 14x20, 8x12, 14x14, matching snare,
and once again, I'm not the least bit fussy if they have twin or center lugs.
In fact, I'd like any Slingerland, in any color in small sizes, any lug will do.

JOLLITY FARM'S Also Wanted List:

Camco 3-D moire drums
Hayman snare drums, any.
Leedy sets in 14x20, 8x12, any floor tom, with or without snares.
Leedy anything, especially snares, toms, or bass drums.
Ludwig 60s black oyster singles or sets
Ludwig snare drums, especially wooden shelled originals.
Ludwig 60s WMP 8x12 or 14x14 classic floor tom, or other color?
Ludwig sparkle colored singles: in small sizes: 14x20, 8x12, 14x14.
Ludwig 60s pink champagne 14x22, 9x13, 16x16 and a snare.
Ludwig vistalite set or singles in small sizes: 14x20, 8x12, 14x14.
Premier Royal Ace snare drums, any.
Rogers Powertone or Tower or Luxor snare drums, any condition.
Rogers DynaSonic or Powertone or Tower or Luxor snare drums in 6+1/2 inch.
Rogers canister thrones, any.
Rogers 14x14 floor toms, any.
Rogers 14x14s: mardi gras, blue onyx, WMP, red onyx.
Rogers WMP = white marine pearl B&B floor tom, any.
Rogers wooden Dyna-Sonics of course, any size, including parade drums.
Rogers 14x20 or smaller mardi gras bass drum. Also floor tom.
Rogers mardi gras anything, green sparkle, or the unusual?
Rogers scotch plaid anything. It was made in the 1950s.
Rogers 8x12 three band sparkle in red sp, silver sp + blue sp.
Rogers hardware, parts drums, pieces, parts, and pieces of parts.
Rogers cymbal stands, cymbal hex arms, "L" arms, cymbal tilters.
Rogers Tower floor toms look like club dates w/8center lugs, any!
Rogers 3-band sparkle 10x14 or 12x15 marching drums, any.
Slingerland 60s sets in small sizes
Canister thrones, pearl covered, any brand, any condition.
Any floor toms, any color, any condition. (I prefer 14x14s.)
Drum sets: 14x20, 8x12, 14x14, any color or condition.
Any 18" bass drum in any condition. with or without a set.
Any old drum catalogs? (even copies?)
Wooden snare drums, hopefully still with original pearl. Any.
Olde snare drums from 20s-30s with tube lugs, any condition.
Bongos, and other nifty drummers extras, toys, percussive items.
Dealer promo or shop items, promo banners, any company, any cond.
Sleighbells, real ones, right off the sleigh, older the better.
Cowbells, real ones, right off the cow, the older the better.
Train or boat whistles and any other old traps and accessories.
Xylophones, vibes, marimba, any mallet instruments in trade?
Camco, Leedy, Gretsch, Premier, FiBES, Hayman, Trixon, etc.
Globe-Wernick, Macy, Gunn, Hale, Lundstrom or any brand of:
....stacking (legal, lawyer, barrister) bookcases from the 1920s
....Globe Wernick is like Rogers to me, I even want parts!
....Let me know about Globe Wernicke anything, please.
Painted comic character glasses, please, Slow Poke for a friend.
Got any cymbals you want to trade in? Even if it is a K. or not.
Autographed photo of you playing the drum you bought from me,
plus any other promo items from you/or your band, famous or not.
Of course, backstage passes to your musical performance near me.
Wanted: a good deal on whatever you don't need, trade it in!!
Trade in ancient drum stuff you don't use: olde pedals, stands,
thin old cymbals, traps and accessories, I like antiques + drums.
and last but not least, how about old US coins, if over 100 years old.
I like very old coins in almost any condition.
Yes, I'll take any silver coins in trade before 1964.

I used to have on the list
ERTL, Spec-Cast, other collectible plane, truck, etc. banks.
Now we want to sell many of what we have, if you are interested.
Will trade for drum stuff, or old US coins.

Here is some more of what other people asked me to find for them:

Camco 14x20 or 14x18 any sparkle pearl bass drum
Camco 3D moire (satin flame) Aristocrat bass drum and snare drum
Camco 3D moire (satin flame) Tuxedo floor tom and snare drum
Camco blue moire (satin flame) Aristocrat 8x12 and 14x14 or 16x16
or any Camco moire satin flame Aristocrat 8x12 and 14x14 or 16x16
Camco red moire (satin flame) 14x14 center Tuxedo lug floor tom
Camco snare drums, any, or their rims alone.
Camco anything in general.
Gretsch is wanted by others, what have you got?
Gretsch floor toms, any, including starlight sparkle.
Gretsch 1953 or so 16" chrome over brass stick chopper double flanged rims (2)
Leedy or Slingerland silver veil floor tom or any veil singles.
Leedy drum set: 14x20(or18), 8x12, 14x14, 5x14 if you have it.
Leedy or Slingerland silver sparkle toms, prefer 60s maple, any.
Ludwig Black Beauties, any year, any condition, any.
Ludwig olde tube lug snare, 6 8 or 10 or incomplete, Any.
Ludwig black ebonite tuneable tone block (the size of a woodblock)
Ludwig 60s Kb=keystone badge anything in general.
Ludwig 60s Kb drum set, any shape, I need singles and loners, too
Ludwig wood shell snares in any conditon.
Ludwig 60s Kb oyster black, blue or pink.
Ludwig 60s Kb WMP 14x22, 9x13, 16x16 set or two.
Ludwig 60s Kb gold. sparkle set, or just a 14x14 and a snare.
Ludwig 60s Kb black galaxie anything.
Ludwig 60s Kb burgundy sparkle snare drum
Ludwig 60s Kb green sparkle sets or snares, or a bass drum.
Ludwig 60s Kb pink champagne singles or sets or snares.
Ludwig 60s Kb 8x12 and 14x14 Classic rewrap candidates for redo.
Ludwig 60s or 70s 20" floor tom Ludwig 70s b-o=blue olive 3ply maple interiors w/reinforce rings.
Ludwig 70s 16x16 pink champagne b-o
Ludwig 70s vistalites in green, amber, clear, blue or unusual.
Ludwig 70s vistalite blue 16x18 or 18x20 or what have you ??
Ludwig 70s vistalite clear 14x14. Also 8x12. Also 14x20.
Ludwig 70s vistalite 14x14 floor tom in any see through color.
Ludwig 70s vistalite 14x20 bass drum in any see through color.
Ludwig 70s vistalite 8x12 small tom in any see through color.
Ludwig 70s vistalite singles in general.
Premier 60s WMP set.
Premier 80s Resonator tom 14" or larger, prefer cherry, consider any + a snare
Rogers gold sparkle 8x12, and, someone else I know would like a whole set.
Rogers red onyx 14x22 or 14x24 or 14x14 or Dyna-Sonic or 16x14 or
Rogers blue or black onyx 14x14 or 16x18, anything in onyx color.
Rogers blue sparkle Bv floor tom, 9x13, 14x22 or 14x24, woodDyna.
Rogers purple black diamond anything, usually bread and butter
Rogers 10" tom toms, even if concert.
Rogers 16x18 floor tom, any, but need a butcher block and a Koa.
77s Rogers MemriLok pacific blue concert 8x12 + 9x13
70s/80s Rogers 16x18 XP8 blue mist and an 8x8 wih two heads
Slingerland Radio King anything, pieces, parts, remains, etc.
Slingerland Radio King engraved double flange 14 snare rims both
Slingerland Radio King clam strainer for a drum missing one.
Slingerland mid-70s wood shell Artist 5-ply wood, consider any.
Jukeboxes: friend/bassist collects them (+ desktop tube radios.)
Olde bicycles (no motors) got any to trade?

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