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Keys and Conditions Codes:

This page updated Thursday, February 27, 2003

Condition Key:

From what I remember of coins, cars & comic book collections,
..Here is what the following conditions might mean to me..

p = poor : (DOA) parts drum, but, please, don't throw anything away,
fr = fair : fix or part out, unlisted flaws? Project? Better ask.
g = good : pretty worn, but serviceable, you can play with it.
g+ = better than good, but still not very good, that's average.
vg = very good : not as worn, you could be seen playing this.
exc = excellent (fine) : little wear, you want this, so do I.
nm = near mint : almost like new, we can't believe our eyes.
NOS = New Old Stock : never been sold, never been played.
May be shelf worn with some scuffing, but tell us, if so.
MINT! = you're imagining things.. What drum really is still like it
came out of the factory, NEW, in the bag, with warranty card,
original heads, never struck, in fact, no fingerprints at all?
I assume you even have the box it came in, and it is still in it.
(A mint comic shoes NO yellowing REGARDLESS of age. How's yours?)
(A few reported MINT drums do exist, but less than 1% of the population.


What's important = What's Wrong?
ac = all correct (wow),
1wr = one wrong rim (and the tension rods are wrong too)
2wr = two wrong rims (you know about the rods.)
-t.c. = minus or missing tone control
-1rim = minus one rim (and the head and the rods)
-2rims = now we're missing both sides, and have a complete shell
with all the parts in the middle.
pb = pearl bulge,
pc = pearl crack,
po = pearl is off, (and I'm po'd too.),
so = shell only (everything is missing maybe even the badge.)
3Xhs = three extra holes,
4Ehs = four enlarged holes (bored out),
ncl = no cracked lugs,
sp = shell is painted, upholstered, contact papered (outside)
isp = inner shell is painted, (and is non-original)


bd = bass drum,
ft = floor tom,
"C" = "C" clips, which should be called "J" clips,
tubes = short for tube lugs,
T/o = throw off, or a strainer,
1fh = single flanged hoop,
2fh = double flanged hoop,
3fh = you know by now,
isc = inner shell is clear, (unpainted)
duco = enamel paint job, usually two tone in three color bands.
blu/slvr/blu duco = duco paint in blue, silver, blue bands,
WMP = white marine pearl of white mother of pearl; either,
BDP = black diamond pearl,
OBP = oyster black pearl,
red sp. = red sparkle, or,
sp. = sparkle
rb = round badge,
ssb = stop sign badge,
WFL = William F. Ludwig (drum company),
Kb = keystone Ludwig badge,
tKb = transition keystone Ludwig badge,
b-o = blue olive Ludwig badge,
RK = RadioKing,
b/gN = black and gold Niles 60s Slingerland badge,
b/sN = black and silver Niles 70s Slingerland badge,
S-o-M = set-o-matic Slingerland,
S-O-M = Swiv-O-Matic Rogers,
fg = flat grey interior shell paint (pre-1967),
spk = speckled interior shell paint (1968+),
Cv = Cleveland Rogers, (pre-1966),
Dy = Dayton Rogers, (1966-1969),
Fl = Fullerton Rogers, (1970s),
M/L = Memri-Lok Rogers, (mid-late 1970s),
B&B = bread and butter drawn brass Rogers lug (until 1963),
Bv = beavertail Rogers die-cast lug (starts late 1963),
B&B/Bv = bread + butter lug drum drilled out for beavertail already,
..................don't do above, please ......................
wow = wonderful old wonder,
o/c = on consignment,
b/o = bad omen,
yech = ugh.


Yes and please. I would like to take in trade anything Rogers in
any condition on any other brand of drum if that helps you as it
helps me. I also need a good deal on any other brand drum you
do not need. So go find some drums you do not need, and give
me a call. We'll see what we can do with them. Layaways? Sure.
Flexible terms? Make up a few, run them by me, and follow
through, we could be swapping.


I would rather have the item back than have you upset is the policy.


We have over 50 shells to American drums for your project kit..
Parts and hardware section is still not together, so call me for it.
Non-musical section is yet to be listed, if you need acerage, call.
Wanted list needs to be added, assume I want it, and trade it in.
I'm always looking for video copies of Austin City Limits, got any?


Please don't clean drums with steel wool, it scratches everything.
Martha wonders if you would use steel wool on your face??
We use DAWN detergent, and it cuts the grease and gets it clean
enough to eat off. Like a plate. How clean do you want your drum?


If you need digital photos of anything, e-mail me and let me know.
Some items we have file photos ready to go.
Others we will have to take them as time and weather permits.

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